35 Ton Loadhandler

The Viking 35 Ton “Loadhandler” is one of the most versatile trailers on the market. This trailer is widely used to accommodate a variety of heavy equipment hauling. With a 35 ton rating this trailer allows you to haul the majority of equipment used on a daily basis. Dozers, trackhoes, backhoes, articulating loaders, forklifts, and large frame tractors. This trailer has proven itself in the construction, forestry and petroleum industry as a 1st choice for transporting equipment and materials from job to job. Capacity: 86,000 lb. GVWR. For added capacity look at the 40 ton model. Capacity 100,000 lb GVWR.



16″ Fabricated beams, 1/2″ x 6″ top flange, 3/4″ x 6″ bottom flange with 1/4″ web welded on both sides. All flange material is high strength steel.


8″ x 6.5# Jr. I Beam on 16″ centers


2″ SAE Kingpin, 3/8″ kingpin plate, 20″ kingpin setting, 84″ swing clearance


12″ x 20.7# structural channel, 8″ x 8.5# structural channel on the neck


HUTCH H9700T three point spring suspension with hi-arch heavy duty 3 leaf springs.


(2) 25,000 lb., 5″ round, 5/8″ wall


16-1/2″ x 7″, Type 30/30 brake chambers, outboard drums, Meritor WABCO (2S/1M) ABS on one axle.


8.25 x 22.5, Steel 10 hole disc, hub piloted (color: white)


255/70R x 22.5 Radials

Landing Gear

2 Speed gear with 62,500 lb. lift capacity 200,000 lb. static capacity (standard)


Shot blasted and painted with a high solid polyurethane paint. Colors: Black or red (Standard).


2″ nominal oak (standard), 1/4″ tread plate with 1″ traction bars over tandems. 1/4″ Smooth plate with 1″ traction bars on transition to the upper deck.


7-Way main receptacle, sealed wiring harness, rubbery mounted LED lights. 3 lights per side including midturn.


Set at 108″ from the rear of the dovetail


5 ft. metal covered with 1/3″ tread plate and 1″ traction bars. (Optional open floor dovetail with inverted angle iron for self-cleaning).

Loading Ramps

(2) 6′ Stand up ramps with double compression springs on each ramp that assist in raising and lowering


18 Total (4) 1″ on front deck; (14) 1″ on rear deck


  • Single Point suspension
  • Air ride suspension
  • Flooring includes: apitong, shiplap pine and steel sheeting.
  • Weld on winches
  • Fold-out outriggers
  • Increase to 9′ wide
  • Longer or shorter trailer lengths
  • Hydraulic assisted ramps
  • Third ramp located in the center for 3-wheel machines
  • Between the beam toolbox
  • Epoxy primer and custom colors available
  • 4′-6″ Lay flat ramps
  • 3 Axle 40 ton capacity
Dimensions46' L x 102" W
9'-3" upper deck
28'-8" lower deck load area
5' dovetail
30 degree drop
41" rear deck height
Approximate Weight16000 lbs. +/- 3%
GVWR86000 lb.