Standard 4 Bolster Log Trailer

Known for being tough, Viking Forestry Trailers are built for the task. Day after day and through the roughest terrain, situations, constant loading and unloading, the toughest single point suspension, the toughest mainframe, the toughest bolsters you can buy. You can make it every day with a Viking. Capacity: 80,000 lb.



16” Fabricated main beams, 7/16” x 5” top flange, 1/2” x 5” bottom flange, 1/4” web (light weight model 3/8” x 5” top and bottom flange with 3/16” web) welded on both sides. All flange and web material is high strength steel.


8” x 8.5# Structural channel.


2″ SAE kingpin, 3/8″ kingpin plate, 20″ kingpin setting (standard).


Watson-Chalin® 50,000 Lb. 7 leaf single point spring suspension.


(2) 25,000 Lb., 5” round, 5/8” wall.


16-1/2” x 7”, Type 30 brake chambers, outboard drums, Meritor WABCO®(2S/1M) ABS on one axle.


8.25 x 24.5, Steel 10 hole disc, hub piloted (color: white).


11R x 24.5 Radials.

Landing gear

Winch back 5-1/2” pipe (for lightweight winch back 2” x 4” reinforced tubing).


Shotblasted and painted black with a high solid polyurethane paint.


None, 1/4” smooth plate over kingpin and tandem areas.


7-Way main receptacle, sealed wiring harness, rubber mounted LED lights. 3 Lights per side including mid-turn.


Set at 50” from the rear of the trailer.


(6) Winches with (6) 4” flat hook nylon straps.

Rear bumper

Heavy duty pipe push bumper and high visibility reflective conspicuity tape.


5” x 5” x 3/8” Tubing, 4” x 10” x 5/16” bunk (light-weight model: 5” x 5” x 1/4” Tubing, 4” x 10” x 1/4” bunk).


  • Straight frame without 4″ drop center
  • Additional trailer length (per foot)
  • Airlift axle for single point or air ride suspensions
  • Watson-Chalin air ride suspension
  • HUTCH three point suspension
  • Vulcan single point load cells (L03) mounted (830-00339)
  • Vulcan V-200 or V-500 trailer electronics (830-00340)
  • Full width full height front bulkhead
  • Polished finish aluminum wheels (saves 352 lbs.)
  • Machine finish aluminum wheels (saves 352 lbs.)
  • Grapple bar

Model V4B40F
Dimensions 40' long x 102" wide (at the bolsters)
Approximate Weight 11600 lbs. +/- 3%
GVWR 80000 lbs.